New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors (NHGSA) have been providing training, management, and service to New Hampshire's Tourism Industry since 1996. NHGSA adds value to state agencies, local businesses, and individuals through a training and service support network that sustains and enhances the New Hampshire experience. Our Granite State Ambassadors work tirelessly to promote and protect our sense of place by valuing both built and natural environments, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being our residents and guests alike.

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Did you know Granite State Ambassadors trains approximately 100 new volunteers and industry personnel each year? With over 1,335 certified GSAs since 1996, our organization still includes 473 active members. More than half are volunteers who served 21,908 hours and assisted 113,985 (excluding special events) guests at 23 visitor centers and 12 events in 2013.

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Certifications held March-June

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