Blog: People Watching at MHT

09 Jun 2017 6:15 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)
by GSA Tim Adams, Southern NH University Class of 2014

I expect that I’m not alone in the enjoyment of people watching when manning an Information Booth. It can be both fun, and interesting to say the least. Case in point… So, it was another typical, quiet evening shift (6-9pm) at the airport. I’d had a few people stop by and ask the same questions everybody has heard like ‘where are the car rentals?’ and ‘where is the bathroom?’, but other than that it was quiet. Suddenly a young woman comes running out of the ladies room, yelling for her friend who, it turned out was in the men’s room. It seems they had called for the boarding of their flight and she was afraid, as she had a right to be, that ‘they’ would be late and miss it.

She stopped beside the booth and waited for him to appear. Well, he comes sauntering out and she starts moving quickly around the booth heading toward the North end of the terminal, asking me as she passed, ‘Are the gates this way?’ I should point out at this time that both people were dragging small suitcases that I assumed were carry-on for their trip. I directed them up the escalator to the Security check point, knowing that, since it wasn’t 6am with lots of people heading out, they just might have a chance to catch their plane. Five minutes later she’s running down the stairs yelling ‘Mom’! She turns toward the far end of the airport and runs up to a woman walking this way. They speak for a moment and she turns and runs back for the stairs, yelling to her friend that ‘they’re in your pocket’ and ‘you had them all the time’.

Okay I thought, now they might just not make that flight. Fifteen minutes later she back and stops by the Info Booth and asks me where there is an ATM. I directed her to the one nearby and she rushed over to it. A few minutes later I saw her slowly walking out of the airport. Well, clearly ‘they’ weren’t going to miss ‘their’ flight and it would appear that he did catch his flight, but it sure made for an interesting forty five minutes or so for me as I watch it all play out.

Chalk it up to yet another fun evening at the airport. For those of you that haven’t visited the airport recently, new furniture has been placed next to Starbucks and it looks great! There are some real comfortable looking ‘S’ benches as well as chairs and a couple of tables against the windows. The tables will be popular with the person looking to charge a phone as there are both A/C outlets and USB ports on the top to serve most peoples’ needs.

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