Impressive Tours of Wright Museum and NH Boat Museum

23 Jun 2017 5:32 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

The NH Boat Museum was a real treat. What an incredible collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and boats. The museum has a focus on the boating heritage and life on the lakes and rivers of NH. They have rotating exhibits, outreach programs, events, publications and hands-on activities.

I was particularly impressed by the programs they run from lectures, to workshops, to full boat building classes for families.  The hold numerous boat shows/events throughout the year including a sailing regatta, model yachts, and even a vintage boat race event. I suggest visiting their website to look at their full calendar.

The NH Boat Museum operates a 28 foot, mahogany triple cock-pit 'woodie' which is a replica of a 1928 Hacker-Craft for guided tours of Wolfeboro Bay and Lake Winnipesaukee. It's a 45 minute excursion you won't soon forget!

The Toy Boat exhibit is fantastic. You could spend an hour just looking at them! Thank you Fred Clausen for sharing your collection with us.


A drive-by for many years, the Wright Museum is one of those sites that I have passed by often and wonder about the exhibits but never took the time to stop and actually do a tour.   However, it was offered as a Granite State Ambassador tour and I always like learning what the State of NH has to offer for visitors.

Sometimes you go on a tour and wonder…will it be boring, uninteresting, too long etc.   Honestly, what this State has for treasures always amazes me.  The tour was remarkable and so interesting for all ages.  The idea of the museum is to recognize the side of the war not revealed in many stories.  What was happening in the United States during this war?  We have seen battle maps, equipment, news film clips etc. but what were American efforts stateside?  The Wright Museum captures that side of the war effort in so many aspects and interesting displays and films.  And, yes, it does have tanks, jeeps, and armed vehicles but so much more.  Not at all boring, uninteresting, or long…not at all!

 Please take the time to stop and enter this wonderful museum…how lucky are we to step back in history and see what it would have been like to live through this war.  Can you imagine biking because gas was rationed, homemakers stepping up to build airplanes, or no TV?   A time that should not be forgotten.   A very special museum.

Charlene Courtemanche
GSA, Seacoast Greyhound Class of 2002


Thursday, June 8 a group of GSA's participated in a tour of the Wright Museum and the NH Boat Museum in Wolfeboro, NH.

The Wright Museum has evolving exhibits, as well as permanent exhibits depicting life during the WWII era of 1939 to 45.  Locating the museum is easy, on Center Street about a mile off Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH.  A 'can't-miss' because of the Tank appearing to be breaking through the side of the building.  Plenty of parking, hours 10 - 4.  Mobility challenged accessibility.

Air conditioned building with docents/staff more than willing to assist, explain and guide visitors.  Beginning with an 8-minute movie, exiting into a large exhibit area depicting life 75+ years ago.  A life-size of a 'then' decorated living room; kitchen; candy store front with goodies from that era; a gas station; dental office and multiple displays from 'sweet heart jewelry', pictures, rationing coupons, etc.  So much more than expect.

On to the 'time tunnel' Each year depicting what was important to that year (39 - '45); movies/cars/music and statistic of income/ costs of cars, homes, groceries, etc... audio devices available.   Fun to see the yearly statistics change.

Then onto a large area with multiple restored military vehicles and an open gallery displaying uniforms, women in the service, history, medals and much more. Definitely a must see if you have 2 hours or 8 hours.

Margaret Minnon
GSA, Comfort Inn Concord Class of 2011


I was very impressed with both museums. I had been at the wright museum years ago on a rainy vacation day. My father had fought in WWII, but it was surprising to see how much interest the kids in my family had in seeing how people lived during the road. My mother was a small girl during the war and as we walked through the museum, her grandchildren were so interested in stories she was telling them because they could look specific items in the cases. What an asset this museum is to New Hampshire.

I have never been to the boat museum. The boats they displayed were so impressive. After going to the museum, you just want to take a ride on the Mille B. It was very good to include the toy boat collection. Another museum I can see all ages enjoying. I'm looking forward to seeing their new building.

-Christine Stacey
GSA, Manchester Boston Regional Airport Class of 2015


"Big Dreams, Little Boats"  Exhibit of GSA Board Member Fred Clausen's amazing toy boat collection at the NH Boat Museum.

I thought the Wright Museum was wonderful. I went to the museum about ten years ago and the tour brought back the memories of how well it was back then. It offers a difference twist over other wartime museums, I think the home-front aspect, offers the opportunity to get different family members involve. I knew what to expect, but the tour reminds me to push tourism in the Wolfeboro area more than I am doing now.

The Boat Museum was nice, the two luxury boats were very interesting, but I felt that the museum was a bit too small. From what I could see, they have more boats, but did not have enough display area. If they do build a new Museum, and able to display more of their inventory, I believe that it could become a much more substantial destination. I surly plan to visit this museum again after the building opens in a few years.

I think these two museums, along with the Mount Washington, really make this area a desirable travel destination.

Phil Lefebvre
GSA, Manchester Boston Regional Airport Class of 2015

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For more information including their event calendars:

Wright Museum of WW II
77 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03896
Special events and exhibits:

New Hampshire Boat Museum
399 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03896
Events, lectures, antique boat auction,  programs:

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