Lunch Bunch - MV Kearsarge Restaurant Ship Cruise on Sunapee

28 Jun 2017 11:07 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

by GSA Sue Greenbaum

It was predicted to rain….a lot, on the day our lunch bunch was scheduled to sail on Lake Sunapee. Never ones to allow Mother Nature to have the last word, the “2 Sues” rolled up their sleeves (and pants) the evening before, busily performing sun dances. And how it worked!

The day was warm AND sunny when 41 GSAs/guests sailed out of Sunapee Harbor on the MV Kearsarge Restaurant Ship. Apparently our emails asking everyone to be on time was taken to heart. We actually departed 5 minutes early with everyone on board and accounted for. Good job guys, it was much appreciated, and we thank you!

The MV Kearsarge is a replica of the steamers that once ferried vacationers around the lake  during the Grand Hotel era. Our Captain, Kara Obey, did a fantastic job navigating and bringing to our attention various  points of interest during our 1.5 hour excursion. The MV Kearsarge has two decks. Some of us loved the upper deck, for the opportunity to go outside, and some of us loved the lower deck, with its proximity to the buffet, bar, and bathrooms.  

Speaking of the buffet, the food was superb.  Everyone we spoke to loved it, from salad to dessert. Many GSAs made a special point of mentioning to us how delicious everything was. The Social Committee can personally vouch for the Sangrias, too! We had 2 wonderful servers, Sam and Lynn, one for each deck along with a mate, Michael who was in the background assisting them. Sam and Lynn were enthusiastic, efficient, very attentive, and they never stopped smiling. Our server overheard us discussing the spiced apple slices offered with the salad bar. When she heard that some at our table had wished they had sampled it, she went back downstairs and brought us up a dish of them. They disappeared in seconds. Yum!

But all good things have to come to an end, and before we knew it, we were pulling back in to dock. As we were leaving the ship and thanking the crew for a great time, they suggested we might want to come back in the fall sometime and experience the beautiful foliage. Sounds good to us! We may well look into doing that another year.

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