Blog: Keene Ice & Snow Festival

23 Feb 2018 10:01 AM | Naomi Halter (Administrator)

by Emily Goulet, NHGSA Intern

The Ice and Snow Festival in Keene is not to be missed! On a cold winter day, everyone bonds over the February chill, searching for hot drinks.  

It is fascinating to watch the ice sculptors work away at their craft, delicately carving each design and demonstrating their dedication to their day-long project. Families and friends are mesmerized by their patience and artistic talents. While walking to the GSA booth, we even discovered a turtle carved into the snow, painted blue and green. We were quick to point it out to children as they passed by.  

The GSA booth in Railroad Square was also positioned directly next to the snow removal machines from the airport, which were a highlight for children to climb in and to test the horns. The family friendly festival included various booths with food and drinks, two areas in the town boasting ice sculptures, and even a princess who was posing with children for pictures. 

Next year, don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a fun and family friendly event.  Don't forget to dress warmly! 

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