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  • 16 Nov 2018 4:37 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    by GSA Sue Greenbaum, Currier Museum of Art Class of 2010

    It was definitely a different type of tour that 18 GSAs went on one morning in Concord, when we visited the NH Department of Corrections Retail Showroom. We met up with our host, Laura Williams, New Hampshire Correctional Industries, Manager of Sales and Marketing, and made our first stop at one of the Wood Shops. That is where we met Bob Lozeau, Shop Manager for the Sheds. There are currently eight manufacturing shops inside the NH State Prisons. We learned that these shops exist to provide job skills, training and work ethics to support the successful reentry of offenders. They include Print & Graphic Arts, Typesetting & Design, Sign and Plate, Dye Sublimation Printing & Novelty Items, Re-Upholstery and Re-Caning, Restoration & Refinishing, and Furniture Crafting.

    As usual, our GSAs had plenty of questions, and we learned a lot that day from Bob. Correction Industries report significant reductions in recidivism rates for those inmates who participate in their programs; 22% vs the state rate of 39%. That is a successful outcome! CIs provide real-world job skills training and experience that supports both male and female inmates with reentry into the workforce. CI strives to make the working conditions replicate those found in private industries.

    No offenders are forced to work in CI programs. In fact, in many cases, there is a waiting period of several months to get into a program. Offenders need to meet minimum requirements for the job, and to be cleared to work by the prison. CI job training opportunities are similar to internships or apprenticeship programs, where the emphasis is on learning, gaining experience and making business community connections.

    GSA Sandra Chandonnet told us about sheds she had bought 30 years ago from CI that are still in excellent condition!

    Next we walked outside and met Chris Lounsbury, Shop Manager for the Fire Wood. We learned how inmates have been helping to run a program to bake bugs out of firewood which is then sold at state campgrounds. A major battle against insects that are attacking New Hampshire's forests takes place in the state's largest gas-fired oven, a converted container, which in reality is a walk-in kiln. The state buys logs that are then cut by chainsaw into 16-inch lengths, and later split into fire wood. The wood is cooked for 90 minutes in the kiln at 160 degrees, cooled, and put into red mesh bags, similar to the large bags I used to see in grocery stores for onions. The bags are sold for $6.00 at all the state campgrounds, from Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin, NH to Hampton Beach. Approximately 35,000 of these bags are delivered every year for use by campers, close to 300 cords of wood.

    Finally we visited the Retail Showroom, where we met Pat Hannigan, Store Manager. We got to see (and purchase if desired) the one of a kind hand-crafted products. Inside we found high-end quality furniture, multi-wood urns, Shaker style baskets, leather goods, wooden acorn bird houses, NH cribbage boards, and so much more. It was breathtaking, and you couldn't help but want to run your fingers over every smooth surface! Much of the CI program is contract work, and they fill orders from hotels, theaters, hospitals, universities, corporations, and individuals. Hobbycraft is a separate recreational program that talented inmates may do on their off time, and many of those products are on display at the retail store. While we were there, Marty Wagner showed us her beautiful wooden storage box, which she had previously custom ordered. She started with one piece of embossed wood that had originally belonged to her mother, and they built the box to match the wood and moldings.

    Before we left we each received a wrapped gift tied with a ribbon. Inside each was a really nice NH mug, as well as a refrigerator magnet. What a pleasant surprise!

    This is a great place to shop for gifts, especially with the holidays coming up. Their store hours are 9-4, Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, and 10-4 on Sat. Additionally, there is a 25% OFF SALE for the entire store on Black Friday, November 23, 2018 from 9 am - 4 pm! Happy shopping!

    The Retail Showroom is located at 312 N. State St, Concord, just across the street from the prison. www.facebook.com/NH-Department-of-Corrections-Retail-Showroom-323289391384308/

  • 19 Oct 2018 11:46 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    NH Department of Corrections Retail Showroom
    Thursday, November 8, 11am - noon

    Sign-ups are open - no restrictions - any and all GSAs welcome.

    Come hear how the NH State Prison provides jobs skills and training to incarcerated individuals and tour their impressive selection of handmade products from furniture to decor. While you are in Concord, take time to walk Concord’s impressive NEW downtown. You can easily spend the day having lunch and taking in the many interesting shops.


    Location: 312 N. State St
    Concord, New Hampshire 03301

    Our host:

    Laura Williams

  • 19 Oct 2018 9:39 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    Sign-ups open Tuesday, December 4th, 8am

    I went to a workshop where Nick spoke about the TMC -- it is fascinating what they do! You will enjoy this tour.

    TOUR DATES to choose from:
    Friday, January 11, 2019  11am-noon
    Friday, January 18, 2019  11am-noon

    These dates / times are contingent on weather conditions. If the TMC needs to reschedule, they will give us a couple days notice.

    NH Department of Transportation Management Center
    Incident Planning and Operations Center (IPOC)
    110 Smokey Bear Boulevard, Concord NH 03301

    We will be doing 2, 1 hour tours, each with 10 different GSAs.

    When you arrive, park anywhere in the parking lot that is unmarked, and then go to the visitors entrance (located on right side of building, enter beneath the doorway with a black awning labeled IPOC).  WAIT HERE FOR OUR ENTIRE GROUP and then Kelly will get us buzzed in.

    Our host:
    Nicholas King, Operations Supervisor

    Operations at the TMC began in 2007. Since opening its doors, the TMC places mobility, emergency response operators and managers in a single collaborative environment. The center operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Operators manage traffic at the TMC by coordinating with responders and stakeholders, controlling Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment, and developing and implementing incident response plans.

    TMC Operators are primarily responsible for: Traffic Incident Management, Service Patrol Management, Recurring Traffic Management, Special Event Management, Road & Weather Coordination, Emergency Operations, Security Management, Equipment Monitoring and their Intelligent Transportation Systems.

  • 09 Aug 2018 10:33 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    by GSA Sue Geyer, Currier Museum of Art Class of 2010 & Social Committee Chair

    It was another fabulous lunch (and more) with lots of GSAs! We had 3 destinations and I’d be hard pressed to determine my favorite!

    We started the day in Plymouth with an amazing tour of the latest exhibit at the Museum of the White Mountains at the University in Plymouth. Their current exhibit is People's Forest: A Centennial Celebration of the White Mountain National Forest.

    Cynthia Robinson, the director, gave us an amazing 30-minute guided tour of the exhibit. Afterwards we all checked it out in detail. There was a wide collection of artwork along with a really informative timeline that outlined the complete history of the National Forest. She mentioned next summer’s exhibit of the Grand Hotels and folks immediately started to discuss where we should have lunch when we come see it.

    This is definitely a place to stop by occasionally as the exhibits keep changing. https://www.plymouth.edu/museum-of-the-white-mountains/

    Next stop was lunch at the Gypsy café in Lincoln. What a find this is! It’s a rather small restaurant with a very eclectic menu. The flavors were fabulous. A lot of us ordered different things and everyone was happy with their selections. . Since there were so many interesting selections, Sue 2 and I decided to several items. We enjoyed Mushroom Brie Soup, Grilled Brie Cheese Fondue, Egyptian Brussel Sprouts, and The Zuni Roll. The Zuni roll was a turkey wrap with diced bacon, scallions, basil aioli, and Havarti cheese served with raspberry chipotle sauce. All of it was yummy! It seemed like most people had something different and really enjoyed it. Our waitress, Anik, did an amazing job of taking care of all of us. Definitely a place to return to and recommend! Reservations for dinner are recommended. Checkout their menu at www.gypsycaferestaurant.com

    For our final stop, some of us went to Jean's Playhouse for a main stage production of Disney's Beauty & the Beast. The main parking for the Gypsy is directly across the road (south side). From there we drove out the back and over to Jean's. The performance was fantastic! From the singing, dancing and acting to the amazing sets and scene transitions, I was very impressed. I had an earworm for days after which included “Be our Guest”. I suppose for GSAs, it is appropriate. Jean’s Playhouse has a full schedule of performances and is definitely worth the trip! (And they generously give GSA’s a discount!) www.jeansplayhouse.com

    Here are some of the comments I received from other GSAs…

    “I loved the museum tour especially. The cartoon that the student did was amazing. It had 3 dimensions so that it was 2 different images depending whether you were viewing it from the left or the right.
    The time line that ran on the bottom part of the wall was so cleverly done.
    I spent most of my time watching the video about tunnel brook road. I have been there several times and have observed the destruction from the floods. I didn't realize the plan to slow down the water with downed trees instead of reconstructing the road. Very interesting.
    I have visited the museum before and I plan to do so again. It is a very special place. “
    ~GSA Roz lowen

    Cynthia’s enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and obvious love of the place is evident.
    A joy to visit.
    ~ GSA Jan B.

    “It was a wonderful day. I really liked the museum. Cynthia was so informative. She designed the exhibit, so I just loved it. The path idea is awesome. The restaurant was a great choice, clean, comfortable, and the food was excellent. The waitress was on the ball. I'd go back to both places.”
    ~GSA Linda D.

    "This was a great full day outing brought to us by the GSA Social Group. The current exhibit at the museum had been put together with much forethought and consideration. The director, Cynthia quite effortlessly held our rapt attention for the duration of her tour. My favorite part of the exhibit was the photographs of the White Mountains taken in the exact same spot, one hundred years apart. It is not often that mankind can take pride with the evidence of an environmental success. The amount of forest that exists now, compared to the hills stripped bare of any trees in the early part of the twentieth century, makes your heart sing!
    Gypsy Cafe was a real treat. Decorated in bright mosaics, it boasts an eclectic, global menu. I love trying new dishes so Sue 1 and I shared several items. The best way I can describe our selections? It was like a food tsunami in my mouth, with wave after wave of deliciousness! I only heard very positive comments about the many diverse menu items other GSAs chose.
    Lastly, we stopped at Jean's Playhouse for Beauty & the Beast. They put on a great show, and I was particularly pleased with how they choreographed the scene where the beast changes back into the Prince, always a tricky transformation. I also had the pleasure of speaking with the director, Joel Mercier, whom I remembered from his seven years with the New London Barn Playhouse."
    ~GSA Sue Greenbaum

    It was a full and very enjoyable day! Thanks to all who joined in.

  • 07 Aug 2018 8:05 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)


    Attend any TWO of these annual GSA Certification tours, and receive the special designation and pin. If you are earning your certification with this you - please let Kelly know in advance!

    Date: October 2nd, 2018
    Arrival Time: 9-9:15am
    Start Time: 9:30am
    Meeting Location: WMNF Gateway Center - This is within the White Mountain Attraction's Welcome Center off Exit 32.

    Please park in the lower lot and carpool during the tour. Many lots on our tour are small and we can't park 20 cars. We will begin and end at this location.

    Hours requirements: none - all GSAs are welcome to attend

    Uniforms: yes, full GSA uniform

    How many GSAs can attend: limited to 25 to reduce the # of vehicles. Car pooling is strongly encouraged.

    Gratuities: none

    Lunch: Pack a picnic lunch!

    GSA’s are invited to the annual tour of the White Mountain National Forest tour on Tuesday, OCTOBER 2nd! This is your chance to learn more about what the National Forest is and what it has to offer. Join us and hear from the staff who help to manage this public land.

    This year, we plan to explore the Androscoggin region.

    Whether you are staffing a welcome center along Rt. 93, the airport welcome center, or a chamber in downtown Manchester, everyone will learn something they didn’t know before. So sign up and look forward to a fun day on the White Mountain National Forest and get your White Mountain National Forest Certification!

    The tour will begin at White Mountain Attractions/White Mountain Visitor Center in Lincoln, NH (exit 32) with a brief overview, information about how the recreation pass funds are used, volunteer opportunities and a tour of the interpretive center.  We will then travel to the Androscoggin Ranger Station in Gorham (through Franconia Notch, Route 3, 115, 2). Next we will travel down to Dolly Copp Campground, Gorham for a picnic lunch where we will hear about their major renovations, ProSports, the camping concessionaire, timber sales, snow ranger...

    The tour will end at Dolly Copp about 3pm allowing you time to explore the forest on your own.

    Plan to pack a picnic lunch and wear comfortable walking shoes for the trip. Carpooling is encouraged!

    Whether you are staffing a welcome center along Rt. 93, the airport welcome center, or a chamber in downtown Manchester, everyone will learn something they didn’t know before. So sign up and look forward to a fun day on the White Mountain National Forest and get your White Mountain National Forest Certification!

    READ ABOUT LAST YEAR'S TRIP: http://nhgsa.com/Blog/5518698

  • 31 Jan 2018 12:55 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    Tour Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
    Sign-ups open Monday, Feb 5 at 8am.

    Arrival Time: 8:45am - plan to park by 8:45.
    We will begin promptly at 9:00am

    End time: 11am.  You are invited to to have lunch in the dining hall. It's about $7 per person, all-you-can-eat.

    Difficulty level: We will be doing a lot of walking around the campus and through it's many buildings. There will be stairs. Elevators are available.

    Meeting location: Grappone Hall, Room 301

    Campus Address: 31 College Road, Concord
    Campus Map & Directions: https://www.nhti.edu/sites/default/files/content/documents/nhtimap.pdf

    Parking: Park in Parking lot ‘C’ near the Gymnasium building. Just take a right at the first stop sign on campus off 393 and keep following the road past the athletic fields. There is handicap parking in that lot near the doors to Sweeney Hall.

    We will learn about their English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Nursing, Business, Information Technology, and athletics programs, as well as their student organizations...

    Our intern Sindy, along with Cory Schofield from admissions and other staff members will give presentations and take us on a comprehensive tour of their impressive facilities which will include their academic and recreation buildings, and a residence hall.

    Uniform: full GSA uniform - dark green shirt (if you don't have a GSA logo'd shirt) and khaki pants. Name tag and comfortable shoes.  We will be going in and out of buildings - dress appropriately.

    This tour is open to all GSAs, no restrictions / no minimum hours. This tour will not count towards your annual 4.

    Our hosts:

    Cory Schofiled, NHTI Office of Admissions
    31 College Drive
    Concord NH 03301

    As part of her internship, Sindy Chown, made the arrangements for this tour. Thank you for your support of her efforts! Thank you notes can go to Kelly to be forwarded.


    2-minute video about NHTI: https://www.nhti.edu/visit-nhti/2-minute-tour

    NHTI was opened in 1965 under the name New Hampshire Technical Institute with three engineering technology programs. In 2008, the name of the College was changed to NHTI, Concord's Community College. This name honors our past and reflects our growth to a comprehensive community college with 90 academic programs and a full campus life.

    With a 95 full-time faculty and over 300 adjunct faculty members, our typical class size is 15 to 25 students with an average age of 25. We have approximately 4,568 day, evening and weekend credit and noncredit students attending NHTI each year. 4.84 % of our students report ethnicity other than Caucasian (including African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander and Native American), and the general student body is made up of 45% men and 55% women.  https://www.nhti.edu/community-visitors/about-nhti

  • 28 Sep 2017 12:37 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    Sign-ups open Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 8am
    TOUR DATE: Monday, February 12th, 11am-12:30pm

    On Monday, February 12th, 11am-12:30pm, we have been invited to celebrate Valentines Day at  Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry to learn about their company, the history of mead, honeybees, and a walk through of how they make their meads and ciders. Following the tour, we will participate in a tasting of 7 meads & ciders in their recently expanded tasting room. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade to taste their premiere barrel aged Utopian ($125 per bottle) for $10/pp.

    There will be mead available for sale if you choose, and they offer a 15% case discount.

    How many can attend? up to 75 GSA volunteers & industry members

    GSA uniform: yes, full uniform

    Hours requirements:  All GSAs welcome, no restrictions.  12 hours in past 6 months. This tour will not count towards your annual 4 tours. You will receive 1 enlightenment credit for attending.

    Cost: none (gratuities appreciated).

    Address: 23 Londonderry Rd Unit 17, Londonderry, NH 03053

    Parking: free, onsite parking

    Website:  http://www.moonlightmeadery.com/

  • 21 Sep 2017 5:00 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    Sign-ups open Tuesday, September 26th at 7am.

    Thursday, October 12, 2017 (rain date October 13)

    Start time: 9am - End time: 2-3pm

    GSA’s are invited to the annual tour of the White Mountain National Forest tour on October 12th! In addition to being a great field trip this is your chance to learn more about what the National Forest is and what it has to offer. This year we’ve tried to put together a tour of a “less traveled” route. Whether you are staffing a welcome center along Rt. 93, the airport welcome center, or a chamber in downtown Manchester, everyone will learn something they didn’t know before. So sign up and look forward to a fun day on the White Mountain National Forest and get your White Mountain National Forest Certification! This year’s tour will begin at Forest Service headquarters in Campton (Exit 27) followed by a tour beginning with the Franconia Notch State Park area and then back onto the White Mountain National Forest. There will be several stops throughout the day and doing some walking/hiking. Please wear appropriate foot wear, and as always dress for the weather! Plan to pack a picnic lunch for the trip. Carpooling is encouraged.


    Attend any TWO of these annual GSA Certification tours, and receive the special designation and pin.


    Park: you can park in the third row of the WMNF employee lot (behind building)

    Pack a lunch - we will be picnicking.

    9:00 am WMNF HQ  -- leaving 9:15am

    -Franconia Notch quick stop of Old Bridle Path exit (Talk about alternatives for parking in Franconia)

    -Exit 35 Route 3 and Gale River and Haystack Road (dispersed tent sites and Trail Heads in area)

    -Lunch off Base Road at Upper Falls

    -Cog and Jewell and Ammonusuc Ravine Trail

    -Clinton Road

    -Crawford Path

    -Highland Center

    If time allows Cherry Mountain Road (Fabyan Cabin)

    Back to the Campton Forest Service Building to conclude tour

  • 23 Aug 2017 8:48 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)


    Ticket Requests are now closed. Below are the names I submitted.

    Jessica B; Sandra C; Bruce F; Kathleen GG; Leo & Rita G; Howard & Pauline G; Meaghan L; Burt & Sharon L; Maryellen Mc; Mary-Helen Mc; David M; Bob & Irene M; Claire & Doug M; Gregg P; Ron R; Rose S; Nancy S; Jean S; Ann V; Marty W; Maureen W; Roz W;

    Sunday: Mary Lou C; Sonya C; Lois D; Paul &n Vicki H; Karen  & Steven J; Kevin O; Judith S;  Liz W; Gretchen W;

    All GSAs are invited to experience the Highland Games on Friday, September 15th or Sunday, September 17. This invitation is a thank you for all you do for the tourism industry and to generate referrals. All who attend are asked to submit a paragraph about their experience, and what impressed you most. Photos are always encouraged!

    Event schedule and details: https://nhscot.org/festival/events-details
    Uniform: You do not have to wear your uniform, but wearing something GSA is appreciated (hat, shirt, jacket, tag...). It's important to build awareness of our organization.

    ***** You do NOT need to volunteer or be there at a certain time (the times listed on the calendar are the times the festival is open).


    If you would like a ticket, CLICK HERE to select the date of your choice using a form or sign up on our online calendars.
    Sign-ups are open. There is no limit as to how many GSAs can attend.

    Your ticket will be held at the Will Call booth with your name on it. The Will Call booth is at the bottom of the hill.  Exactly where the shuttle buses drop off. You can purchase additional tickets for not-yet GSAs when you arrive.

    The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival (NHHG&F) is one of the largest and most diverse Highland Games held in North America and the largest cultural event. This celebration of Scottish heritage is held the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of September each year at Loon Mountain Resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

    Thank you notes can be sent to:

    Terri Wiltse, Executive Director

    25 Triangle Park Drive, Suite 4

    Concord, NH  03301

  • 22 Jun 2017 1:36 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

    Ski Fanatic's Paddle the Pemi

    Wednesday, July 12 (new date)
    Sign-ups open Wednesday, June 28 at 7:30am.

    You must be there for 9:00am to be ready for the 9:30am shuttle.

    You can have your choice of a single kayak, double kayak (2 people), or canoe (2 people)

    All participants will have to fill out and bring this linked waiver.

    How many can come: 14 GSAs

    Eligibilty: 50+ volunteer service hours
    on July 5th, any GSA with at least 3 hours (1 shift) in the past 2 months can sign up.

    Uniform: none - dress for the activity. Bring a towel, water, snacks, and sunblock.

    Trip info: What to bring....

    This river run takes about 2-3 hours. There are lots of places to stop and swim, picnic along the way. The Pemigewasset is a very pretty, natural river with only a little buildings etc along it's banks. You can go at your own pace. The shuttle back comes every 15 minutes at our extraction point.

    Be aware of your physical limitations. Kayaking is easy to learn and first timers are welcome. Life jackets will be provided.

    GSA Staff on duty: Kelly Bryer kelly@nhgsa.com 603-960-0272 cell

    Our host:

    Katie Gallagher
    Ski Fanatics Owner
    23 Vintinner Rd.
    Campton, NH 03223
    (P) 603.726.4327

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