NHGSA Merchandise

Thank you for considering purchasing NHGSA Merchandise. We work hard to provide quality, New Hampshire products for you to wear and use. All of our vendors are members of NH Made.

NHGSA, Inc. does not make any money from the purchase of these items. The vendors are the sole providers of our products and accept all responsibility for the ordering and money taking for your items.

If you have ideas of other NHGSA logo’d items you would like for sale. Please let us know. We will be happy to research, develop and find a vendor for those products.


Have you earned your free 50 hour shirt?

1. Let Kelly know you have reached 50 hours. Send your size and preference for long/short sleeve.

In stock items will be brought to a designated pick-up location. Out of stock items will be ordered on next quarterly order.

You don't need to wait until the hours are posted. If you plan to reach your 50 hours before next order, you may send in your request early.

Purchase NHGSA Logo’d Clothing and Merchandise
In order to bring you the best prices, we will be putting our merchandise out for bid annually.

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